Upgrade to the Pro Plan

Meet the challenges of operating at scale:

  • Resource Planning
  • Custom reports & Dashboards
  • Custom Pages
  • Multi-Entity Structure

Resourcing Mastered

As your company scales, making effective use of your resources is paramount. “Resourcing Advanced” enables you to predict the utilisation of individuals, which rolls up to the utilisation of roles, enabling you to predict future demand and ensure you ramp up capacity when required. With an abundance of tools and reports, resourcing will be mastered.utilization.png

Want to learn more... here's an article on the Staff Utilization Report.

Business Intelligence

Data is your greatest asset, and “Report Builder” enables you to leverage it like never before. Build, publish and share custom reports, complete with charting & visualisation options. Publish custom dashboard boxes to provide your people with the most compelling, personalised dashboard possible.


Want to learn more... read our Report Builder Guide.

Data, Data, Data

“Pages” gives you the ability to create your own custom databases within CMap—for projects, people, contacts, etc. Pages enables you to kill off peripheral spreadsheets, bringing everything into CMap. What’s more, Pages data is available in Report Builder, so you can leverage it to supreme effect.

Want to learn more... here's an article on Custom Pages.

Corporate Structure

Pro opens multi-entity, multi-business unit corporate structures. Each entity can have its own local currency, date format, working week, project numbering sequence, invoice numbering sequence, and more. As you scale and become more complex, CMap’s here to support you.

Want to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your current plan... please contact your CMap Account Manager. 


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