Creating Invoices (PSA)

Once a Project Manager approves an Invoice, the Invoice will follow the automated workflow to the individual responsible (typically a Finance Administrator) for invoice creation. You can then add the relevant information into the invoice, (e.g. invoice description, address, tax rate, currency), and then the invoice can be created in PDF or Word.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Creating Invoices
  • Actions menu

Creating Invoices

1. From your Dashboard, find the INVOICES FOR CREATION Dashboard box.


2. Click on the Invoice you wish to create and CMap will take you to the Invoice Creator. 


3. If applicable, select the PO Number from the drop-down list.

4. Check the Title of the Invoice.

 CMap automatically includes the description entered when the Invoice was scheduled, but you can  change this if you wish.

5. Click the More Info text box to enter some textual explanation of your Invoice if you wish. You can also add any Notes. 

6. Scroll down to the bottom section. Here you can enter the actual invoice lines or Items, consisting of an item description and an amount. Enter your content and click the Add button to add your invoice line.

Check the information that was entered when the invoice was originally scheduled, including the value and any instructional notes on the right-hand side panel.  You should refer to this before building your invoice because if the Invoice amount does not match the scheduled amount, it will automatically be updated to match the new invoice value.

7. On the right-hand side of the Invoice Creator, you’ll find a number of options. Whilst these have already been pre-set, you should review them and change where necessary:

  • Template- Choose the Invoice Template you wish to use
  • Invoice To- Select which company you wish to send the Invoice to
  • Contact -Choose the contact you want the invoice addressed to
  • Address- Choose the correct address
  • VAT Rate- Choose the appropriate tax rate
  • Invoice Date- Set the date you wish to appear on your invoice

8. Once you’ve entered all of the content for you invoice, you now have the following options:

  • Create the Invoice: Click the green Create Invoice CMap will then create your invoice in Microsoft Word and automatically download it to your PC.

Once you have clicked Create, no further changes can be made to the Invoice.

  • Generate a draft copy: Click the mceclip3.png to create a draft copy that can be shared with clients.
  • Save Changes: CMap will save your changes but not create the Invoice. You can then return and create it when you’re ready.

Actions menu

On the right-hand side panel, you may see the following options depending on your CMap configuration:

Alternative Currency Invoicing

This option is great for using when you work in one currency but wish to bill in another. To use this function, fill in the invoice creator as normal, however, click Invoice in a different currency before generating the invoice. The invoice will be created in the chosen currency.

Invoice Time Summary

This option is great for when you’re invoicing a client on the time spent on a project. Click Include Time Summary and you’ll then have to select a date range. The Project Time Summary Report will then be produced for that project during the time frame selected,  and generated along with your Invoice.

Download Expense Receipts

Click this to download copies of the Expense receipts that have been uploaded by users.

Hey Presto! Once you’ve created your invoice, you can either print it or email it to your client. You can then return to your dashboard and repeat until all Invoices have been created and the Invoices Due for Creation dashboard box is empty.


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