Internal Invoicing

The Internal Invoicing feature enables you to raise internal Invoices/Credits against Projects in CMap but, importantly, without these impacting on your Invoice Number sequence or being transferred to your Finance system. There are many use cases for an Internal Invoice, such as when you need to raise an Invoice to another internal Team. This article outlines how to create an Internal Invoice in CMap.

You can only create Internal Invoices/Credits against Fixed Fee projects. This feature is also not available for CMap’s Architects & Engineers Edition. It is also an optional feature, so if you are interest in learning more, please contact CMap Support. 

Create an Internal Invoice/Credit

1. To use this feature to assign an invoice amount to a new project which has been previously billed from another, first you have to schedule the Internal Credit on the original Project.

This is done by following the same process of scheduling a regular Credit i.e. entering it as a negative value.


2. Next, you should approve and create the credit.

With Internal Invoicing enabled, you will see an additional option when choosing to create; Create Internal Credit.


3. The Internal Credit Note will be created, with the Credit Note Number being set as Internal.


4. To complete the process, you now need to counter-balance this action and schedule the Internal Invoice against the project you would like to transfer the invoice amount to. Follow the same process of approval and creation as you would for a standard Invoice, except for selecting the Create Internal Invoice option from the Create

The Internal Sales Invoice will be created, with the Invoice Number being set as Internal.


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