Locked Invoicing

Once an invoice has been created and pushed into your Finance system, it can be important to make sure no further changes are made to the invoice so that the two systems stay aligned. The "Locked Invoicing" optional feature enables you to prevent users from making fundamental amendments to an Invoice once it has been created. The feature also prevents an invoice being downloaded in Word, so changes to the Invoice are not made outside of CMap.

PDF Only Invoices

By default, you have the option to create the invoice document in both Word and PDF. When you have the stricter invoicing controls enabled, you will only have the option to generate the invoice as a PDF.

  • This protects against manual changes being made to the Word version.
  • The limitation being that you will no longer be able to make any final amends to layout or wording when the invoice is generated from CMap.

Invoice Editing Disabled

Once an invoice has been created and assigned an invoice number, you will no longer be able to make any changes to the details of the invoice in CMap. The only option will be to raise a credit for the invoice if changes are required.

As changes will no longer become available after the invoice has been created, there is an additional "Are you sure?" prompt at the point of invoice creation. This will warn the user that if they proceed to create the invoice, they will not be able to make any subsequent changes. If they would like to review the document, instead they should use the "Create Draft" option.


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