Mark an Invoice as Paid

Once an invoice has been paid by a Client, you can mark it as paid in CMap so that your Project Managers can easily track which invoices have been paid and which invoices remain outstanding and are overdue. This article outlines how to mark an invoice as paid in CMap.

If you have the Sage Integration Tool, the Mark as Paid function will be dealt automatically as part of using that tool.

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Reports tab and select Standard Reports. Under the heading CASHFLOW & FINANCIAL REPORTS, click Invoice Report.

2. Select the required Filters and press Run. This report defaults to the current month and shows you all of the invoices that fall into that month.

If you wish to view the report for a different period of time, simply change the time frame using the Set Filters option.

3. Look through the listed invoices to find the one you wish to mark as paid. The Invoice Number is listed on the left-hand side of the invoice information and those that need to be marked as paid have a Mark as Paid button on the right-hand side.

Any invoice numbers that are shown as blue are invoiced but not yet paid, if there isn’t an invoice number, the invoice has not yet been created.

4. Click Mark as Paid on the appropriate invoice. The Status of the Invoice will then change from Invoiced to Paid.

Hey presto! The invoice is now marked as paid. You can also monitor the status of a particular project’s invoicing. 

Want to learn more... here's a guide on Monitoring Invoices. 


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