Set up Project Type Groups

CMap has the functionality to group similar Project Types together so that these can be grouped and reported on at a Group level. For example, you may have “Websites”, “Copywriting” and “Branding” as different Project Types, but then create “Design” as a Project Type Group. This article will outline how to set up Project Type Groups and how this feeds into the "Gap Analysis by Project Type" Report. 

1. From your Dashboard, head to CMap's Admin area by clicking on the mceclip0.png icon, found on the right-hand side of the page. Under the heading CONTENT select Project Type Groups.

2. Click on the mceclip1.png button to add a Project Type Group into CMap.

3. Complete the following fields:

  • Group Name
  • Group Target
  • Target Year

4. Click Save and the newly created Project Type Group will appear in the list under the heading Project Type Groups.

You can edit your Project Type Groups by going into the Project Type Groups tool and clicking on the mceclip2.png  icon. You can also delete a Project Type Group by clicking on the mceclip3.png  icon.

Add Relevant Project Types to Group

Click on the group that has just been created by clicking the  icon.  You can then add groups or sub-groups into the group. You do this by ticking the tick boxes under Add Relevant Project Types to Group.


CMap will automatically move any selected Project Types to the Group and appear in the Project Types box above.

Hey presto! You should now be able to set up groups of Project Types that are related. From this, you will be able to utilise the “GAP Analysis by Project Type” report.  


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