Timesheets in Outlook

CMap Outlook has been designed to revolutionise the way you work with CMap & Outlook. The integration allows Users to complete their Timesheet right within Outlook, so there's no need to log into CMap. 


In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Access CMap Timesheets in Outlook
  • Add a new Timesheet entry
  • Manage Timesheet entries

Access CMap Timesheets in Outlook

Head to the CMap for Outlook Homepage and click on the Timesheets module. You will be taken to your CMap timesheet, where you’ll find all of the data for your current Timesheet week in CMap.

Add Timesheet entries

To add a new line to the Timesheet, there is an Add button at the bottom of the panel.

Click on this, then choose to add either a Project or an Internal Code line to the Timesheet. 

You’ll notice that you also have some totals showing down here too, on the left is the total number of hours booked on the day selected in the Timesheet and the other is the total number of hours in the Timesheet for the whole week. 

Manage Timesheet entries

Across the top of the panel, you can see the days of the current week. Clicking into each day will then update the Internal Codes and Project hours value to reflect how much time has been booked to each area on each day.

Add a whole week of Time

You can add a whole week of time to a Project or an Internal Code.

Internal Codes

Click on the number of hours for Internal time (highlighted in blue). CMap opens a pop-up entry panel for Internal Meetings for the week. 

Enter the number of hours for Internal Meeting for each day and add any Notes required. Once completed, click on Save.

Project Time

We do the same thing - click on the blue hours value on the project and enter the details into the pop-up.

Notice that when we add time for projects, we have some additional things to fill in like the Task that we have worked on and we also have the Add Another function for Project time, which means you can easily add different time entries to the same task on the same day. 

Submit Timesheet entries

Once the timesheet is complete, click Submit at the top of the panel to submit the time and move on to the next Timesheet week just like CMap does.

Remove Timesheet entries

To remove any booked Time from the Timesheet, just click on Remove.

Hey presto! You should now be able to access your CMap Timesheets within Outlook and book time to Internal Codes and Projects easily. You can also manage these in the same way you do within CMap, without the need to log in.   


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