Activities in Outlook

CMap’s integration with Outlook allows Users to view CMap Activities in detail and mark them as completed. This provides a really useful insight and checklist into tasks you need to complete from right within Outlook. New Activities can also be added really easily, without having to log in to CMap.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Access CMap Activities in Outlook
  • Mark Activities as Completed
  • Add new Activities

Access CMap Activities in Outlook

Head to the CMap for Outlook Homepage and click on the Activities module. You will see an overview of all open activities you have in CMap. This contains:

  • Overdue Activities: Activities due before today's date.
  • Activities Due Today: Activities that are due on the current date.
  • Next 30 Days: Any open Activities that are due in the next 30 days.

Mark Activities as Completed

Once you have found the Activity from the overview page, you can click into each activity to view more details.

You can edit the details in here too.

Once you have completed an activity, simply click into it and select Mark as Completed.

Add new Activities

To add a new Activity, just click on the Quick Add icon in the blue menu bar and select Add an Activity.

Complete the new Activity Form and click Save.

Hey presto! You should now be able to access your CMap Activities within Outlook and add new Activities when you need to. You can also manage these in the same way you do within CMap, without the need to log in.   


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