Time Off in Outlook

CMap Outlook has been designed to revolutionise the way you work with CMap & Outlook. The integration allows Users to view current time off allowances without having to log into CMap, see upcoming time off and even submit a Time Off request. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • View Time Off Allowances
  • Request Time Off
  • Cancel a Time Off Request

View Time Off Allowances

When you click into Time Off in Outlook, the first thing you'll see is information relating to your Time Off Allowances in CMap. 

If you have more than one Time Off type, you will see these listed below one another. 

Each Time off type tells you:

  • How many days allowance you have in total
  • How many days you have available yet to request

We are lucky enough to get our Birthday off here at CMap HQ, so this is the additional Time Off type you can see below.

Request Time Off

1. To request Time Off, click on the button for the Time Off type that you wish to book.

2. You'll then be taken to the New Time off Request form where you can fill out the details and this is just the same as when you book time off through CMap.

3. Set the following information:

  • Name of the Time Off request
  • Start Date of the request
  • Duration of the request
  • Add any Notes you might need to include.

To book a half day, simply enter 0.5 in the duration and then select whether this will be in the morning (am) or the afternoon (pm) from the drop-down selector. If you are booking full days, you can just ignore this.

4. Then simply click on and your usual Time off Approval Workflow will begin.

5. Underneath the Time Off types you will also see any upcoming Time Off for your information.  

The key for the colours is as follows:

  • Green: Time Off request has been approved
  • Amber: Time Off request has been submitted but not yet approved
  • Red: Time Off request has been rejected

To view more information about upcoming Time Off, just click on the date to be taken into the Details page.  

Cancel a Time Off request

To cancel a Time Off request, just click into it to show the details and then click the  button at the bottom of the Time Off Details page.

Hopefully you can now submit Time Off requests on the go and keep an eye on your Time Off allowances as well as those requests that are awaiting approval.


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