Activities in CMap Go

CMap Go is a user-friendly Mobile Application that can be installed on any iOS or Android device as an additional tool to support your day to use of your CMap instance. The Activities feature is a great way of keeping track of the follow-up action whilst on the move which can make the difference between an opportunity going cold, and a big win.

In this article, we'll look at:

  • Viewing Activities
  • Adding a new Activity

When you open the Activities tab in CMap Go, you'll see an overview of all open activities you have in CMap.

These are split between Overdue (activities due before today's date), those which are due today and any open activities you have due in the next 30 days.  

This provides a really useful insight and checklist into tasks you need to complete from right within Outlook.  

You can of course, click into each activity to view more details and you can edit the details in here too.

Add a new Activity

To add a new Activity, just click on the Quick Add icon in the blue menu bar.

Complete the new activity form and click save

Mark as Complete

Once you have completed an activity, simply click into it and select Mark as Completed.

Hopefully, now you can view your activities and mark them as complete when you’re ready. You should now also be able to add new activities, which will then appear in your CMap database.


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