Contacts in CMap Go

CMap Go is a user-friendly Mobile Application that can be installed on any iOS or Android device as an additional tool to support your day to use of your CMap instance.

The CMap Go App enables you to add, view and update CMap Contacts. This can be very helpful if you are visiting a Client or attending an Event and want to be able to keep your CRM database updated in real-time.

In this article, you’ll learn how to

  • View & Search for a Contact
  • Add a Contact

View & Search for a Contact

 In the App, when you have selected an email and then clicked into Contacts, CMap Go will immediately begin searching the CMap Contacts database for a match for the contact from the email selected.

If the email is from someone who doesn't exist in your CMap contacts database, you will see the following message:

Add a Contact

From the link above, you can click , which will open the CMap New Contact form for you to enter their details into CMap.   

If there is a match in the CMap Contacts database, it will show you some details about that contact here.

Once you have added all of the relevant details, press Save and the details will be stored. They will appear in the details panel too.

How can I edit a Contact’s details?

You can edit a contact’s details by clicking on the  icon. The contact’s details page will load, where you can make the necessary changes. Press Save to update the details in the database.


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