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Purchase Invoices enables you to add Supplier Invoices against Budgeted Additionals, so that you can track costs against a project. Purchase Invoices are linked to Additionals in the Fee Estimator area. As you add Purchase Invoices to a Project, you will see the costs associated with delivering the Project update in the Story So Far. This article sets out how to add a Purchase Invoice to a Project in CMap.

In this article, we’ll explain how to:  

  • Add a Purchase Invoice on the Project
  • Add batch Purchase Invoices

Add a Purchase Invoice to the Project

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Projects tab and select Live Projects. You will see a list of your Live Projects in the database.

2. Find your project from the list and click the Project No-Title. Click on the Budget vs Actual tab.

3. Scroll down to the Additional Costs table and you will notice an Add Transaction button against each Additional Cost line.

If the Add Transaction button does not appear against the Additional Costs, the Purchase Invoices function is not switched on. Please contact CMap Support to discuss enabling this feature.

4. Click the Add Transaction button for the relevant Additional. A box will appear and you should complete the fields as requested.




Select the relevant Additional. 


Who the Invoice is from.

Invoice Date

The date the Invoice has been received.

Internal Reference

Internal reference for the Invoice.

Invoice Number

The Invoice Number given on the Invoice.

Nominal Code

Note: This is an optional field.

The relevant nominal code (if known).


Select the relevant Expense Category

Purchase Order

Select the relevant Purchase Order number.

Purchase Description

Add a relevant description here.


The Currency of the Invoice received.


The Amount of the Invoice.

VAT Rate

Any VAT charged on the Invoice.

Use the Tab  key on your keyboard to speed up entering the information.

5. Click Save Invoice. The Purchase Invoice will then appear under the Additional Costs section.

Add batch Purchase Invoices

You can use this Finance Admin tool to manage batch Purchase Invoices.

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Finance Under the heading PURCHASE INVOICES, select Purchase Invoices.

2. A table will appear showing your Purchase Invoice Batches.

3. Click and a pop-up box will appear. Here you can add a Batch Name and click Save.

4. Next you can batch add Purchases by clicking . Here you can complete the relevant fields (see the table above for descriptions of the fields).

5. Click Save. You will return to the previous page. Once you press Submit Batch, the Purchase Invoices will be saved against the projects. If you go into the Budget vs Actual of a project, you will see the Transaction in the Additional Costs

Hey presto! Hopefully now you can add your Purchase Invoices in CMap. You can easily manage these using the Finance Admin tool. 

Want to learn more... here's an article on Managing Purchase Invoices. 


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