Minimum Requirements for using CMap

Web browsers

Microsoft recently retired Internet Explorer-click here to read their official announcement. CMap will continue to work on Internet Explorer in the near-term, but future CMap updates won't be supported on this browser.

If you're using Internet Explorer, we recommend you upgrade your browser to keep up to date with security advances.

Browser Requirements
Chrome  Version 80 or above
Firefox Version 72 or above
Safari Version 13.1 or above
Microsoft Edge Version 80 or above

For browsers that don't meet the minimum requirements, then users may experience degraded performance.

Mobile Apps - CMap Go & CMap BI

Operating System Requirements
Android 4.1 and up
iPhone iOS 9.0 or later 
iPod Touch iOS 9.0 or later

Outlook Plugin

The CMap Outlook plugin requires Office 2016 and above. Installation instructions for Office 365 can be found here. 


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