Sage 50

About Sage 50

Sage 50 is the best-selling accounting package to small and medium sized businesses in the UK.

Sage 50 is a sophisticated accounts solution that gives you complete financial control of your business.

As your business develops and grows, you can upgrade or add different modules from the Sage 50 range to provide a complete and flexible business management solution.

CMap's integration with Sage 50

We've developed a smooth, desktop-based integration between CMap and Sage 50 to make your processes even easier to manage.

The Sage 50 integration eradicates duplicate work and gives your finance team more time for other pursuits.

Here's everything you can do with CMap’s integration with Sage:

  • Transfer sales invoices from CMap to Sage 50
  • Transfer personal expenses from CMap to Sage 50
  • Transfer purchase invoices from CMap to Sage 50
  • Transfer invoice payment status from Sage 50 to CMap


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