Sage 200

About Sage 200 Professional

Sage 200 is a powerful accounting solution made for small to medium sized businesses.

With Sage 200, you can tailor the software to manage complex accounting processes for your business, as it is highly configurable, flexible and scalable.

Sage 200 has a large amount of add-ons making the system even more flexible and ensuring it remains a fit as your company grows and evolves.

CMap's integration with Sage 200

CMap's Sage 200 Professional integration enables you to transfer transactions quickly and easily between CMap and Sage 200 Professional.

The integration eradicates duplicate work and gives your finance team more time for other pursuits.

Here's everything you can do with CMap for Sage 200 Professional:

  • Transfer sales invoices from CMap to Sage 200
  • Transfer personal expenses from CMap to Sage 200
  • Transfer purchase invoices from CMap to Sage 200
  • Transfer invoice payment status from Sage 200 to CMap


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