Raising a Credit Note (A&E)

Credit Notes in CMap can be used when a client has queried something and you have agreed to change the value of the invoice, or perhaps there was a mistake on the original invoice and you need to credit and reissue it to the client. In this article, you'll learn how to raise a Credit Note in CMap.

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Projects tab. Find your Project and go to Invoicing.

2. Find the Invoice you would like to credit and at the end of the invoice line, click Credit Invoice.


3. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to credit the invoice. Click Yes and your credit template will appear.

4. When you go back into the Invoicing page within your Project, a Credit Note will appear at the bottom of your list of Invoices and the Credit Note will have been given its own Number. The number assigned depends on how your CMap is configured. 

5. Once you have credited your invoice, CMap will automatically take you to the Credit Note Creation screen. You'll notice that the values are now negative here. 


We recommend scanning the information on the right-hand side. You have the following options that can be found under the Actions menu:

• Invoice in a different currency
• Download Expense Receipts

Show in Backing Sheet

You can include a backing sheet on your Credit Note by ticking the relevant tick boxes:

• Details of Time Charge
• Names of Time Charge
• Stage Breakdown

When you're ready, you can download a copy of the credit template by clicking on the green bottom, or you can make it as paid by clicking on the orange button. 


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