Budget vs Actual Overview (A&E Edition)

The Budget vs Actual tool is where detailed project tracking takes place in CMap, helping you to compare your progress on the project (e.g. 50% complete) against the percentage of the budget you’ve already used (e.g. 75%) to see if you’re heading over budget. This provides a complete, real-time view of how your project is progressing against the budget, allowing you to take required action before it’s too late.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Where to find the Budget vs Actual Tool
  • Budget vs Actual Chart
  • Budget vs Actual Tables

Where to find the Budget vs Actual tool

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Projects tab.  Click Live Projects.

2. Find your Project from the list and click on the Project No-Title.

3. Click the Budget vs Actual tab. 

Budget vs Actual Chart

At the top of the page, you will see the Budget vs Actual chart. This provides a visual overview of the financials on a project.

The key for the graph is as follows:




Total Budget for the Project.


Percentage Complete (changed by the Progress Percent Sliders underneath)


Actual value of the number of hours given to the project to date (taken from live Timesheets and inputted time)


Over on value of hours.

Budget vs Actual Tables

Underneath the graph, there are a number of headings.

Budget vs Actual Breakdown

The Budget vs Actual Breakdown section illustrates the breakdown of the information in the graph above. How the Budgeted time for the project compares with the Actual time taken and the cost of this time.

If you read the headings under Budget vs. Actual Breakdown from left to right, they go as follows:




The name of the Stage.


The percentage that the project is complete.

Budgeted Hours

 How many hours work have been budgeted against the project.

Budgeted Value (GBP)

The budgeted value of this work.

Actual Hours

How many hours have been worked on this project up until now.

Actual Value (GBP)

The value of those hours that have been worked.

As standard, the Percentage Complete slider relates to each task in the project.  If you'd prefer to update your percentage complete slider at the stage level rather than the task level, let us know and we'll make the change to enable you to do just that.

Additional Costs

This tables provides a summary of budgeted additional costs on the project and where they’re up to.

Unhandled Expenses

This table shows Expenses booked to the project where the decision hasn’t yet been made to charge them onto the client or not.

Want to learn more... here's an article on Unhandled Expenses. 

Handled Expenses

This table shows items that have been handles i.e. a decision has been made on whether to charge them onto the client or not.

Should Finance users need to drill down into more detail about Project Time and Expenses, scroll down to MORE INFORMATION and click on the Project Time & Expense Report.

Hopefully you now understand how you can use the Budget vs Actual tool to track how projects are progressing against the budget set up using the Fee Estimator tool. The Budget vs Actual tool also contains the Story So Far, which provides a quick view of whether the project is currently working to budget or not. 


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