Scheduling Invoices (A&E)

Invoice scheduling is using the Project Fee and forecasting when you intend to bill your client for the work, creating placeholder invoice values in each of the months you anticipate invoices will be raised. Invoice scheduling in CMap enables wider system reporting functionality, including the Invoice and Forecast Calendar and it also makes it easier for Project Managers to approve invoices.

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • Scheduling Invoices
  • Clear the Invoice Schedule

Invoice Schedule

The A&E Edition of CMap includes the option to schedule invoices within the Fee Estimator.  The Invoice Schedule spreads your fee across the lifetime of the project based on the duration and value of each workstage, automatically giving you an Invoice Schedule for the project. 

Head to the Project's Fee Estimator tab. Scroll down to reach the Invoicing Schedule panel (it’s beneath the Resource Profile panel).

The invoice amount(s) for each Work Stage can be entered with any month selected during the Project Duration. The Project Duration is calculated based on the Start and End Dates entered in the Project Details tab. ​

The Auto-Populate function can be used to automatically schedule invoices as an Even Spread based on the Start and End Dates for each Work Stage.​

In addition, the Move Invoices function enables Scheduled Invoices to be moved forward by a defined number of months.​

The Invoicing Schedule entered into the Fee Estimator will automatically update the data recorded in the Invoicing tab of each Project, where the same functionality is also available. Invoice Scheduling is a key step in Project Set-Up and on-going Management of Projects as it will prompt Project Managers when to raise a Bill for a Stage.

Clear the Invoice Schedule

1. From your Dashboard, head to the Projects Select Live Projects.

2. Find your project from the list and click on the Project No-Title.

3. Head to the Invoicing Under the Project Number and Title, you’ll see the Invoice Schedule tab. Click on the arrow (mceclip0.png) next to Invoicing Schedule to expand the tab.


4. At the top of the grid, click Edit Invoice Schedule. This will open up the schedule where you can make changes. 


5.  Blue links marked Clear will appear next to your Stages. Simply click the button to get rid of any scheduled invoices.


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