Win a Project

Once a Client has agreed the quote and is happy to go ahead with the Project, you will need to win the Project, or win the relevant Workstages in CMap. 

Winning a Project will be slightly different depending on which edition of CMap you use. Click on your edition to be taken to the relevant section. 

PSA Edition

        1. From your Dashboard, you can access your Potential Projects from either the CRM tab or the Projects tab.
        2. You will be taken to the Potentials area. Click on the Project No-Title that you wish to update.

        3. Click Actions in the right-hand corner. Select We’ve Won the Project.

        4. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to convert this Potential to a Project. Click Yes. This will move the Project to Live Projects in the Projects tab.

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Architects & Engineers Edition

CMap has been designed to enable individual Workstages to be won as you are given the go-ahead from your Clients. 

  1. From your Dashboard, go to the Projects tab and select Live Projects. Here you’ll see a list of your projects, so simply find the project and click on the Project No-Title.
  2. Head to the Fee Estimator Scroll down to the Fee Plan table.
  3. Find the relevant Workstage. At the end of the row, click on the  icon.
  4. Adjust the Probability of the Workstage to 100% using the drop-down and click Save.

A red dot may appear on the left-hand side of the screen, next to the Workstage that you have just approved.  If you have this functionality switched on, an email will then be sent to the person that you have set as the “Approver” in order for them to be notified of the Workstage being complete.

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