Create a Project (A&E Edition)

Adding a Project in CMap can be achieved by adding a Lead and converting it to a Live Project, or if you are not using the Leads module, a project can be added directly into the Projects area. 

  1. From your Dashboard, head to the Projects tab. Click the icon at the top of the grid and a pop-up box will appear.


    A Project can be standalone or a Project Extension. Click here to learn how to create a Project Extension. 

  2. Click Project and you will be taken to the Add your new Project form.

    Field name



    The name by which the Project will be known.


    Who the client is.


    Who the lead contact at the client company is.


    The office to which the Project will belong (i.e. the Lead Office).

    Estimated Price

    Capture the estimated price when the project is at an early stage before you have enough information to complete a fee estimate. 

    Estimated Start Date

    The predicted start date of the project. 

    Note: This will determine the month CMap will start to forecast fees. 

    Estimated End Date

    The predicted end date of the project. 

    Note: This will determine the month CMap will finish forecasting fees. 

    PO Numbers The client purchase order number(s) related to this project. These will be available to include on your invoice (if applicable). 


    The sector to which the client belongs. 

    Project Type

    The type of service that you will be providing on the Project.

    Lead Source

    Where the Project has come from.

    Project Manager

    The individual accountable for the day-to-day delivery of the Project.


    Co-Pilot(s) are granted identical screen-views at the Project Manger. There’s no limit on the number of Co-Pilots.  


    An individual with a vested interest in the Project. Only one user can be assigned as the Owner.

    Mandatory fields are shown with a green asterisk (*). 

    Should you wish to add any custom fields to your Project page, read our guide here. 

  3. When you’ve captured the necessary information, click the Save button and your new Project will be added to the Projects area in CMap.


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