Resourced Time & Materials Invoicing

If a project has been setup as a Resourced Time & Materials (or RT&M) project, you will have the option to select Timesheet entries, Personal Expenses, and Purchase Invoices to be included on the sales invoice to the client.

In this article, we'll look at: 

  • Billing Time
  • Billing Personal Expenses
  • Billing Purchase Invoices

You will be presented with the Approve Time to Invoice page to make these decisions once you have clicked the Approve button in the Invoice Schedule.


The entries shown will filter by default to the calendar month the invoice was scheduled for.

You can change the date range if you would like to include entries that fall outside the preset by using the Set Filter option at the top.

Billing Time

To select Timesheet entries to bill, you simply tick the box alongside each entry you would like to include on the invoice. Alternatively, if you would like to include all entries you can use the tick-box in the header, which will select all entries displayed.


The Time to Bill number boxes give you the options of manually overriding the number of hours you would like to bill.


If you require days to be billed in full or half-day units, you can use the handy "Limit to half/full days" tick-box at the top.

If you do not tick the Billable box for a timesheet item they will be made available again on future invoices. Once an item has been billed, it will no longer be available for future invoices.

To prevent time entries from continuing to show that you have decided to not bill, check the Billable checkbox and change the Time to Bill to zero.

Billing Personal Expenses

If you would like to include personal expenses on the invoice to the client, use the drop-down box alongside each expense item. If you select the items as Charge this will include the expense item on the invoice. If you do not want to bill the expense item on you can change the dropdown to No Charge.


Billing Purchase Invoices

If there are purchase invoices that you need to bill onto the client, these will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

To bill the purchase invoice you simply tick the Billable box next to the item(s). Once a purchase invoice has been billed it will no longer be available for future invoices.



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